Summer Camps


 After the success of our summer camps last year, we now welcome children to participate in our tennis camps at our new tennis club.  The main goal of our tennis camp is to teach the children as much as possible about the game of tennis. So with our playful lessons and high number of hours spent on the court, the camp is not designed to only pass time, but it is designed for your child to learn the game. We focus our energy on the 2x2 hours of tennis practice each day, because we believe children come to our camp to play and to learn as much as possible about tennis. We offer a very friendly environment, where the children can learn while having as much fun as possible.

We have tried to design our schedule so working parents can easily drop off their children during the summer. You can bring your child as early as 8:00am in the morning. After arrivals and breakfast, our first practice begins at 9:30am. During this practice session, we concentrate on technical tennis skills. We believe early in the day children have more focus making it easier for them to understand instructions and grasp new techniques given by the coach.

After the morning tennis lessons, we have lunch followed by a play session at the high end MOM cultural center. Our afternoon lessons begin at 2:00pm. During these lessons the children are put in game situations to practice the techniques learned in the morning lessons. Parents are welcome back at 4pm. We hope to send your child home with a great experience, a feeling of accomplishment, and many good memories from the day.  

At the last day of our summer camp, we arrange an unforgettable “home tournament” championship amongst the children where prizes can be won!

(To register your child, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on the following numbers: +36-30/538-6826 or +36-30/655-8392)