Price list


6h00-10h00 6000 Ft/hour
10h00-15h00 5000 Ft/hour
15h00-22h00 6000 Ft/hour


6h00-22h00 3500 Ft/hour


Seasonal rentals (10 hours) (MAIN TIME)
6h00-10h00 / 15h00-22h00 50 000 Ft                 


Seasonal rentals (10 hours) (OTHER TIME)
10h00-15h00 40 000 Ft


Seasonal rentals (10 hours) (WEEKENDS)
6h00-22h00 30 000 Ft



+36 30/655-8392

Teh price list above is valid from the 10th October 2016,  till the 15th of April 2017.

All TF educational activity has priority over bookings and seasonal court rentals.
Seasonal court rentals can be made with a minimum of one hour per week, with an advance payment.
Cancelations are to be made 24 hours in advance by phone call or personally.
Season renters with 1 hour per week can modify there scheduled court hour up to 1 times.

All renters and personnel using the tennis facility are required to obey the Szávay Ági Tennis Club policies.


Budapest, 2016.   Kalokagathia Alapítvány